Jonathan Resnick
James Milward
Trevor Shaikin


Can you feel the beating of your heart? When was the last time you felt it pound, or skip a beat? Was it from excitement? Fear? Attraction?

Our heartbeat is a direct line to our emotional and physical state. Imagine you could share it with others? Who would you choose to share it with? A lover? A friend? A stranger? Can we interact with people on a deeper level by tuning in to a whole new channel of body language?

The concept behind my doki-doki is to enable you to see and feel your heartbeat and share the experience with others. By providing a visceral expression of your heartbeat, my doki-doki creates a new kind of self-awareness and a unique opportunity to connect with others.


The current prototype takes the form of a translucent bean-shaped orb that is an externalization of the heart itself. A soft glow and a gentle vibration undulates through the unit in time with the beating of your heart. Your heart rate is measured in real time through a sensor placed on the tip of your finger, and wirelessly sent to the orb from a wrist-mounted transmitter.

Future incarnations of my doki-doki could easily transmit the heartbeat through the internet or cellular network. This could be used, for instance, to allow long-distance lovers to maintain a deeper connection while apart, or to allow you to feel an athlete’s heart pound as he or she tears across the finish line.

my doki-doki is a fun, new way to connect with yourself and take your relationships to a whole new level. By making the internal external, my doki-doki allows you to literally wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Special thanks to: Tim Dudley, Craig Ecclestone, Vanessa Harden, Alexander Manu, Angela Noonan, Nick Stedman & Rick Thomas
Developed with the assistance of the Canadian Film Centre's
Habitat New Media Lab
Habitat New Media Lab
© Copyright 2005 James Milward, Jonathan Resnick and Trevor Shaikin.