Prototype for an online “scrapbook” (2004)

Scrapbook was created as a portfolio piece for application to the CFC New Media Lab in 2004. The work re-conceptualizes the web as a two-dimensional, writable space: each page of the scrapbook is an infinite plane into which various types of content – text, vector graphics, and images – can be placed. Hyperlinks too are two-dimensional: the link itself is defined by a clickable rectangular area that in turn links to a rectangular area elsewhere on the page, or on another page. Regular HTML links are also supported.

Here’s a slideshow based on the piece that was submitted to the CFC New Media Lab – essentially a description of the motivation and design of Scrapbook, written (and drawn) in Scrapbook itself. The prototype was implemented as a Java applet [yes, this seems quaint now, but in 2004 it was really the best option].